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Rumours link Irvine to BAR

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Although it may seem somewhat unlikely, recent speculation has linked Eddie Irvine to British American Racing.

The Ulsterman's contract with Jaguar comes to an end this season, as does Jacques Villeneuve's at BAR. Although they are not expected to swap seats, the two experienced racers are expected to hold the key to the drivers' market when the "silly season" begins.

Following financial problems for parent company Ford, it has been reported that Jaguar Racing is being pressured to sign a cheaper driver in Irvine's place. Villeneuve has also expressed his dissatisfaction at the departure of his good friend Craig Pollock from BAR.

Should he leave the team, as he hinted at before testing began, it would leave a vacant place for Irvine - who is a friend of new BAR boss David Richards.

However, Irvine has always stated that he wishes to lead Jaguar to glory, unless they decided not to re-sign him, making it seem unlikely that he would leave the Milton-Keynes based team of his own volition.

Villeneuve is also thought unlikely to exit BAR unless the 004 proved uncompetitive - but it is looking to have potential in offseason testing.

This would make the current rumour seem rather flimsy, although it is always worth bearing in mind once the annual merry-go-round of drivers begins.
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