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need help guys! had a engine put into an 89 prelude si. this thing is running rich as [email protected]#l. what in the world could be making this thing run so bad? this thing is blowing black smoke out of the tail pipe really bad!. ive checked the intake manifold gaskets and fuel injectors. i cant seem to find the map sensor at all!?!?i need to change the o2 sensors, i may convert them to 4 wire sensors. still need to check the fuel pressure regulator. im clueless about the black box on the fire wall with the vacuum lines coming out of it! the motor was being replaced because the guy ran it out of oil.
the car ran great before it locked up. no running rich at all. it use to be my car. i guess he doesnt know what an oil light means! the replacement is a used engine. any help would be appreciated.
thanks guys, mike:confused:
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