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Mike_Sho did a good job with the original FAQ (which can be found by clicking here), but I felt we needed to add some new information, and some of the links were dead. Here Goes:

Also check the Prelude FAQ for more really good information, applicable to all cars, including S2000s.

Specifications for all current model years (up to 2006)
S2000 spec sheets
2007 S2000 CR
S2000 Structural Design
Crash Test Data
Official Honda Info on S2000 powertrain (EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS)

Service Information
AP1 00-03 Official Honda service info
still in search of AP2 info

Generic OBDII code database
The codes in this link are applicable to all OBDII vehicles. They are not manufacturer specific.
Honda Specific OBDII Codes, and Generic list on SHO

Awesome Theory and Design Info on the F20C
Anatomy of an S2000 F20C engine (pictures)
Anatomy of a stock S2000 muffler (pictures)
Secret Compartment Location

Dyno Graphs
Other mods

Commom Problems & Fixes
DIY: Timing Chain Auto Tensioner Install ("playing card in bicycle spokes" noise upon startup)
Wind Noise from AP1
Scratches on rear plastic window (00-01)
Side Windows Auto-Down Fix/Reset
Emissions Inspections 101, including Cali: all S2K's are OBD 2

Basic Maintenance
Basic Service and Maintenance walkthroughs
Maintenance Required Indicator Reset Procedure
Synthetic vs Regular and Tips to Prevent Oil Burning
Motor Oil Suggestions
When to Change Transmission Fluid and What to Use

Cosmetic Upgrades
'02 glass window soft top to '00 or '01 frame with plastic window
Clear Corner Installation
MY04 Bra

Performance Upgrades
Swapping 00-01 ECU with 02-03 ECU
2.4L Stroker kit using OEM Honda parts

Individual Throttle BodiesS2000 Exhaust info
Intakes (Ignore the argument... haha)
Ignition upgrades

Suspension Upgrades
S2000 Suspension Theory
DIY: Cusco 6 point rollcage installation
HardDog Rollbar install

BFGoodrich g-Force Sports

Audio Upgrades
Audio Upgrades for your S2K

Pictures and Videos
Official S2000 Pictures Thread
S2000 with ITBs
Invidia Exhaust, otherwise stock

will be updating when we all find new, useful information.

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i've also been working on a faq thread and almost have it finished, lol. i'll sticky this and help keep it updated. thanks for putting in the effort :tu

i'm also going to unsticky the older faq thread and just put a link to it in this thread so it will still be available.
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