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S2000 Headlight Question...

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I just got a S2000. AMAZING car...but I do have a question about the Headlights.
When I turn them on, it seems there is an area about 12 feet off the ground and up that is not illuminated.
This is no problem when driving level or up hills, but limits the illuminating distance dramatically going downhill. I can only see about 100 feet or less ahead of me :confused:confusedwhile going down hill.

Is this normal?, or do I need to something adjusted.
When I turn the Brights on, I can see fine.

Thanks in advance for any help or comments.
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Yes its normal its the HIDs they have a cut off to keep from blinding the other drives on the road... if you park level and shine your lights on a wall or garage door you can see the cut off clearly.
post up pics
Which is exactly why the S2000 and the Acura TL have the most sought after projector units around for guys in other cars who modify their lights.
Ya know, I just read the OP's post again. He said 12 feet and up is not illuminated? The way up! If that's correct, these headlights are way misadjusted. Technically, it should be at about 2 feet and up.
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