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S2000 mods

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What are the best mods for an S2000?? What brands are the best to buy? What mod gives the best power besides a supercharger? Thanks guys.
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turbocharger---not much else you can do
make that bitch take those turns.....get a comptech....320hp was it?
i hear the supercharger isnt worth it, increase isnt all that great .........i dont know personally but thats what i was told
shoots. super charger is dope. no turbo lag. but i will say this. wait a little while till there is more options, because you might regret it. i feel you on this subject. not enough options.
Vortech SC any good? What are the gains on this one? Anyone know?
Vortech Supercharger - not out yet
Speedcraft Turbo - lot of power, always chance of blowing engine
Comptech Supercharger - adequate power, very safe
9000RPM said:
Did you know SC puts more wear and tear on engine?
Yes they do, some members on had SC'd their cars and, sadly, have noticed some cracks in their engines.
dam. cracks? thats crazy.

I would suggest getting comptech parts...they have the best quality performance products ive seen for the s2k...i would also get the veilside kit that rj devera has on his looks badass..

9000RPM said:
Comptech makes 340 hp at the crank.
yes, and has about the WORST power curve ever....its useless :shrug:
9000RPM said:

What do you expect it's a centrifugal design.
Exactly my point. Why would anyone pay money for that? I just dont get it.
i'd run a 75 shot of zex to her or even 100 shot for $500 can't beat it.
if you got the $$$ look into spoon or mugen parts. spoon has camshafts, exhaust, ecu, headers, pretty much everything.
Speed Craft Turbo kit is the best mod but it's like $6500 + labor and more.. The kit will make a S2000 a 12 second car for sure

Comtech SC costs about $4000 + labor and will give you 300WHP
but you don't get the boost in the low/midrange.

Vortec SC is not out yet. Many speculations but I would stick with Comtech.
s2k's power is already tweaked to its max... so bolt ons etc will not be worthwhile...

there are basically only 2 ways to make decent power gains...

stroke it or blow it...

theres no replacement for displacement....

and i wouldnt even consider will take all s2k's characteristics away...and risk damaging that gem of an engine?...hell naw...

s2k is a cornering machine ..not a straight line machine...

if you want a drag car.. there are MUCH better options....
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how can an engine be already tweaked to the max?? there is also somewhere you can improve on. air/fuel ratio, timing, ignition, so on.
The SC does not crack the engine. Some owners have said that it creates hair-line fractures on the brackets that hold the SC in place. Comptech SC is the way to go man. I own a S2K and I've raced a SC S2K on the freeway before. I'll tell you this, my car was screaming 8K rpm and climbing in 3rd gear and this guy just ate me up. Completely got me by 4 car lengths. Don't underestimate them.
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