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S2K motor in 95 integ?

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I have a feeling that my B18C is about to give out......and i havent heard of anyone doing it but then again i havent asked around too much...i dont know the exact price of an S2K motor but i dont think it'd be much more than a brand new B18C5 + supercharger which would be my only other choice.....has anyone heard of an engine swap consisting of putting an S2K motor in the last integra gen?
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you cant do it because s2k is a RWD car and a teg is FWD car...i am sure there a more reasons why it doesnt work but thats one of the main reasons.
Slo-1 said:
you cant do it because s2k is a RWD car and a teg is FWD car...i am sure there a more reasons why it doesnt work but thats one of the main reasons.
Well technically you could. But technically you could put a turbine on there too. It would be VERY expensive to do that much work. I would go with another B18C5 and a turbo if it's affordable. SCs are nice but they just can't easily match the power laid down by a turbo. Efficiency isn't even an issue with the newer turbo systems out there. Some are just as high if not higher on efficiency than the JRSC. If you must have a supercharger, get the JRSC not the Vortech. Vortech claims huge gains but in reality you're just getting the worst of both FI world's; slower throttle response and less power.
well you can do anything if you have the money...
but it would cost alot since the motors dont go in the same dircection. you would have to relocate everything in the engine bay. an s2k motor would work for an rsx but not a integra.
lol i appreciate all the feedback but c'mon guys....the only reason why the motor's turned 90 degrees is because it's fr not ff.....if u turn it the other way and connect it to the necessary parts it'd's just like some of u said everything would have to be relocated and then of course the header issue comes into play.....i was just curious maybe the b18c5 w/turbo would be a good idea....dependability is THE MOST important issue since this is my every day car, and the only two turbo's i know that r smog legal are hks and greddy.....they both go for a pretty steap price which is why i was considering a jrsc....opinions?
What kind of question is this? It is crazy. Is it possible...Yes with a lot of money anything is possible, but is it worth it?

Definetly not.
you cant put a S2k motor in your integra cause B18 motors spin counter clockwise and the S2k motor spins clockwise thats another problem for you too. I say go with a B18C1 motor and then go turbo on it. The GSR motor is more turbo friendly and would do better than the Type R motor. Type R motors are for ALL MOTOR not TURBO... and your probally gonna replace all the internals anyways so there would be no point in buying the Type R and swapping out the internals when you could get a cheaper GSR motor and swap in the internals for cheaper than swapping out the Type R

Thats just my 2 cents
Reverse rotation b18c5, full tube frame, center mount seat for 50/50. Sequentail turbo and tranny. It would be nice
ok so GSR motor instead of ITR ok so does anyone know how much im lookin at if im wantin a new GSR motor plus turbo?
You're going to pay a lot of money for a new B18C engine.
I can honestly say do an B20b or an LS swap. you can do the swap for fairly cheap as far as engine cost and then you can turbo it and be pretty fast. And you'll have more tq.

here's an idea.....what does everyone think about rebuilding my current B18C1 AND installing a greddy or hks(any turbo as long as it's smog legal but i only know of those two) turbo? i know a B20b would probably be cheaper and a lil more torque, but in my opinion, trying to pull torque out of a 1.8l honda motor is like tryin to "blow rickie lake thru a straw" plus im all about vtec ;] so ne what would would yall say about what that?
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