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Aight, check it out... i have 3 things im trying to get rid of. All of these have pix but my ass is too retarded to know how to post them here so email me if u want to see pix

92-95 Civic Hatch

Euro Tailights = I drove around w/ these on for 5 months. decided to go w/ supratails instead. $60

Tsunami Lip = Never bolted on. I ended up changing my mind so the paint is fresh, no dents. PAINTED TEAL however. came w/ no bolt brackets $60

Kombat SideSkirts = still primered. has never been put on my car. just chilling in my shed. $60

Im looking for anyone in the northern california area only. Like Sacramento, SF Bay area , etc.. cuz the shipping of the lip and fiberglass sides is too expensive and risky. I'll drive the shipment to u. cant get any easier than that. Also, if u take all 3 from me i'll settle for $150 out the door.
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