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sale 95 accord

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I am thinking about selling my 95 Accord Ex. what kind of price do you think i should get.

2.2L SOHC VTEC w/ 108k miles
4-Speed auto w/ 19k miles
Champagne color
15" Silver Mille Miglia Spider Rims
DC Sports 4-2-1 SS Header
Custom 2.25" pipe to APex'i N1 muffler
Eibach Sportlines
Denon Headunit w/ CD
Denon 12-Disc Cd player
New plugs and wires
lots of detail
Needs painted
Needs window tint
Oil changed every 2500-3000 miles
2 or 3 small dents consistent w/ age
PLaced at every show Ive attended (3)
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someone please help me
9k to start off then move down i wouldn't go any less then 7
7k, it needs painted, i was thinking more like $5500.
hmmm wel eitehr way it would be a good deal. but do u wana know what a really good deal is. a 94 accord ex w/ everyoption except leather and only has 51k on it for only 5 grand. hehe thats what i paid for it
im thinking ill put it on eBay for like 4000 and set the reserve around 5-5.5k.
Not sure your car is worth over 7K with over 100,000 miles on it. My mom is selling her v6 97 EX accord with 75K for only 7 thousand. Her car is fully loaded with leather and everything. I haven't checked it out or anything, but I think the blue book value of your car is around 4-5 thousand.
ive seen many accords w/ over 100k sellign for over 7
edmunds is 5100-8000
depends on where you live,
here in the central valley california you shouldn't get less
than 6k for it, max 9k
I'd say if you get 5.5k your doing good, especially since it needs paint. Cars arent all that easy to sell, especially modded cars. Good luck.
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