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save on engine?

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Hey I was looking online cause I'm really trying to get around to swapping out my engine. what I was wondering is how tough would it be to do it yourself? I saw somewhere online that swapping a B16 A2 into my 2000 civic is relatively easy and I should be able to do it, the only big thing is the new engine mounts. Is this true? is it that easy to do by yourself? Also I would need to do a auto to manual swap cause I have an auto and obviously the B16 doesn't go auto, how hard is that work? cause I mean I can get all the parts, and I can get help from some guys I know who used to swap engines and what not in their older cars, and I want to save as much money as possible. The engine itself I hear shouldn't be to hard, but will the transmission cause me a very big problem?

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1. you could use the SEARCH function, because this question/topic has been covered a grip of times, and I'm sure you'd find all the information you need and then well as saving yourself time, and others

2. i gotta go to my neighbor's house just to see the other portion of your sig....
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