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SEATTLE Honda Accord Seats -TAN- Cloth

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I have a full set of seats for sale. They are out of a 1993 Honda Accord 4 Door. The seats are tan in color. The arm rest on the driver's seat is missing a cap over the hole where the arm rest screw is. The seats will fit for sure any 93-97 Honda Accord...I have heard of people putting 5th gen seats in a 91-92 as well, however there are some seatbelt issues I think. Pix Avalable, just E-mail an offer to: [email protected]

Will not ship....pickup/meet only. Seattle Area
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I have the 2 front as well as the full back.
They are pretty clean however there is a couple of cigarette burns, but the cloth is pretty clean.
E-mail me for pix.
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