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Superhonda RULES

1. Blatant trolling is not allowed. If you have nothing constructive to offer, head to the Off-Topic section.

2. Post topics in the appropriate section. This is especially important for topics that belong in Off-Topic.

3. No material that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This includes posts, avatars & signatures.

  • No pornographic or nude pictures, drawings, animations, etc. or links to sites containing such content outside the Off Topic section.
  • No pictures, drawings, or animations with an overly sexual connotation outside the Off Topic;
  • No pictures, drawings, or animations that are graphic in nature; ie. no dead bodies with gruesome injuries.
4. Keep thread titles, signatures and avatars "clean". No profanity.

5. If you feel something negative towards a user/post, please try to state your case in a calm and respectable fashion. Replying to the post just to stir the pot and not offering anything of value is highly frowned upon outside the Off Topic section.

6. Vendor "Discussion/Reviewing/Complaints" are allowed. However, it is not allowed to the point that you can make a post in every thread the vendor participates in to ruin his day, etc. Make your thread in whatever section you feel appropriate, state your case, and be done with it. Harassment will not be tolerated.

  • If you do not have vendor status you cannot advertise your products. This includes signatures. If you need to get vendor status pm one of the moderators to get the information on how to get vendor status. Links to FS threads are allowed. See post #4 for more information.
7. Post Whoring is against the rules. If you don't have anything constructive to add, don't add anything. Determining what is Post Whoring is at the sole discretion of the administration team.

8. No personal threats, attacks or harassment. This includes pm's, posts and threads.

9. No puppet/smurf accounts. If you share your computer with other members of this forum, please contact a moderator.

10. Signatures are limited to 100KB total (includes all images) for regular members and 600KB total for premium members.

11. Usernames cannot be a URL for your website. If you have already registered, and have a user name that is a URL, please contact an administrator to have it changed to something within the scope of our rules.

Bans will be on a case by case basis determined by the Staff.

Subsection rules will be enforced IN ADDITION to these rules. If a subsection's rule contradicts a site rule, the subsection's rule becomes the one to follow.

We'll delete or close anything at our discretion. If this happens, it happens for a reason, therefore DO NOT bring it back up.
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