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shift light installation

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can someone give me step by step instructions on how to install a shift light?.......thanx
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its a 94....does anyone know how to install a shift light?
Got your red hot install tips right here.. The only thing you really need to worry about is that pesky green wire thing hanging out the back of the tach. Connect that to the blue wire which sitsbetween your distributor and intake. It's almost connected to your distributor. It's a plug doohickey. It's in a plug with a bunch of other wires, but it is isolated by itself. You do it this way because you don't really have an external coil, it's inside the distributor. For lighting..pull the panel below your steering column off. Follow the wires from the light switch down. Then with a power finder, probe the wires while switching the lights on and off. when you find the wire that only lights up wioth the switch, thats what you hook your illum. wire to. power ground are self explanitory. ANYTHING ELSE? lemme know how it went:eek: :D
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Oh yeah! If you need a visual on the location of the plug thingamabobber. lemme know and i'll take a pic with my digital thingey.
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