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shift linkage...

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if i dropped a b16a2 into my car would i need new shift linkage? if so, where would i find it? also, would i need engine mounts?
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got a good deal for ya...

ill sell ya my engine form my 99 civic ex cheap. :) Sup Suaz.
yea your going to need a dohc shift linkage. a shift linkage off of a 90-01 integra any model or 99/00 Si not Ex. I have a b16 and I have a 90 ls integra shift linkage. u can find them at your local junk yard OR your local car thief. You will need the transmission bracket(the metal that attaches to yur tranny in the front left of the ex motor), and your going to need an A/C bracket(bolts up your a/c) the sohc brackets wont work its a 134 dollars at the dealer. Also think of getting a 94 del sol throttle cable it may be cut on your b16 and no yur sohc cable wont work.
Good luck
the del sol dohc linkage will work also.
hey, thanks for the replies... whats a reasonable price to pay for shift linkage?
shift linkages run about $140+, depending on what deal u get.

delsol shift linkages will not work. i recently put a b16a3 [delsol vtec] in a gen5 civic; i had to cut the shift linkages. integras and 00civic sis will work perfect.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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