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Shifter Question

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My buddy works at a machining shop, and recently brought to my attention, the idea of cutting down my stock shifter, and re-threading it so a custom shift knob (designed by my friend) will fit.

Will cutting my stock shifter down, do any harm to my car? Nothing I can really think of, just running it by you to see what you guys think.

~Peace :D
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it won't hurt and it won't help. all it will do is make it look shorter.
I love it, I cut mine about an inch(needs more) it was free and its cool.
Correct me if I'm wrong... but It would make the throw of the shifter shorter... Like... if you grip the shifter below the knob and shift from there, it feels like you have a short throw.

~Peace :D
it may feel like a shorter throw but its not. if you want a shorter throw, you'll want an adapter like neuspeed or dc sports, they reduce the throw like 30% or something. anything about 50% requires you to cut the console a bit.
what he said.. its shorter physically but the throw wont be that much shorter.. gotta get that adapter.. the only complaint about the adapter is a crappier shift feel..
imp0rted1 said:
what he said.. its shorter physically but the throw wont be that much shorter.. gotta get that adapter.. the only complaint about the adapter is a crappier shift feel..
crappier shift feel?
would u plz explain it clearily?
I don't really get it.
Aftermarket short shifters aren't that big of a deal. I would go ahead with your idea of cutting down the stock one.
Putting on an adapter causes your shifts to feel notchy doesnt cause damage but feels different, I dont think mine is too bad....
actually it does shorten the shift....and if you cut it by 1" or 1.5 inches on a rod thats 6 inches. it shortens it by.

radius of stock shifter R=6 with a throw of say 30°.

2PIR for circumference. but its 30/360 of a circle.

stock throw is about 3.141 inches.

rod shortened 1.5 inches.
R = 4.5.
2.356 inches

shortened throw by 30%....more than most adaptors.

pfff..doesn't shorten the throw

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I just ordered a short throw shifter. It should be coming in pretty soon. I was wondering how hard it is to install it. Can you install it yourself? I don't know much about cars so i'm sorry. Instead of asking my boyfriend, I'd like to find out by myself.
ok... physics guys...

if you have a shifter that pivots at a point and you don't change that point, you aren't changing the length of the shift throw.

if you cut your shifter, it is a shorter throw to you, b/c you are moving the lever less, but it requires greater force...

the part of the shifter that controls the length of the throw (and when you are engaging a gear) is not altered, as it is below the pivot point...

what you are doing basically is...

you're on a teeter totter with someone on the other end. if you don't change the pivot point, but move closer (shorten your end of the board) you move less up and down, but it requires greater force to move them the same amount as before...

get what i'm saying?

i'm not saying don't do it, b/c it will shorten the shift, by increasing the amount of force necessary...
but it is not a true short shifter, as you are not changing the real distance of the shift throw b/c shifters work based on pivot points... not straight lines...

you may want to consider some urethane bushings to firm up your shift mechanism, but i've heard good/bad on em...
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