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Shocks.... question?

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Well my car looks kinda dropped, but actually I think the problem is that I think the shock is fucked up, so I wanna know, can I just replace all the shocks, or do you think, (not that I can really afford everything) I should get the shocks, coilover ( thats all I need for a drop kit basically right? ) and possible camber kit.....

i mean if its my choice, I think I would probably wanna just get the shocks now, since I think I need them, as opposed to waiting another 2 months to get te money for everything at 1 time
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If its not gunna take you that long to save the cash for everything I would say wait. You'll save on labour that way.
Or if you opt just to buy new shocks, get good ones that you can use when you decide to lower the car. (ie. Koni Yellows)

I would wait and get everything because it would be a pain to have to yank out your shocks and springs one at a time.
well, if one of your shocks if blown you should get that one replaced right away! then wait til you can get all of it ,then replace shocks and springs at thesame time;)
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