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Shocks springs and coilovers?

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i know this is probably played out and ive read some of the other posts about this topic but the answers were much too technical for just wondering what is air suspension? what is the diff of coilovers and springs, and basically what i need to lower my car safely and keep it so it is adjustable. also it would be awesome if someone could tell me how much the different set ups would cost. and how easy is it to adjust the height of the car once it is lowered?
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coilover means the damper sits inside the spring, it does not automatically mean height adjustable. Mostly every car ever made has "coilover" suspension.
so what is the cheapest way to go to lower ur car and at the same time keep it adjustable and safe for the car.
just get "coil-over sleeves" [ground control, skunk2, weaponR] + a set of shocks [koni, tokico, kyb, bilstien, etc...]

u will be able to adjust the suspension w/ this set up and usually it would run u around $700-800 for the coil-over sleeves and the shocks but dont quote me on it... thats probably the cheapest way..

air suspension is ALMOST like hydraulics... u kno? the ones on low-riders? just without the hopping.. it can move up in down and side to side... but costs upwards to $1500
MOst people think coilovers are those springs with perches that are ride adjustable.

True coilovers look something like this:

The spring and the shocks compliment each other so there aren't as many problems with them as you will with coilover sleeves, like a sometimes bouncy-ass ride, and the thing where they suddenly detach and drop the car on bumpstops.
You'll still have full travel, and some coilover kits allow adjustment for ride stiffness and ride height, in one. But you have to lift the car, or jack up the car, to change the ride height.
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If you want height adjustability you will need either coilover sleeves or height adjustable coilovers. If you aren't really worried about getting better handling out of the car, or not worried about getting the best handling you can out of the car then coilover sleeves will be a cheaper alternative. Coilovers are better because the damper and springs were designed to work together, and the threading that allows you to adjust the height is part of the shock body, instead of a "one-size fits everything" approach like coilover sleeves.
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