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no, that isn't the same effect...

here's the problem, ppl think that a short shifter is just shorter on top, which may or may not always be the case

for example my junk2 er i mean skunk2 short shifter is the same height as a factory one

but the section below the pivit is longer, makeing this section longer allow you to move the
shiftlinkage the same distance, but the upper part will be at a lesser angle

some companys also short the top and lenghten the bottem, lessening the throw
but, with just a diffrent knob you can lower the shifter height, ie. my factory knob is about 2 inchs higher than
with a greddy knob, offten time you'll see ppl use a weighted knob to offset the
extra restiance that the true short shifter causes, (think skunk knob and shifter combo)

so no, just cutting down a shifter isn't going truly shorten the throw, just you hand will have to reach lower to shift...
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