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short shifter

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yo i want a short shifter that reduces throw and shifter hieght, i got a spoon sports knob and that shit is like a skyscraper, is there a short shifter that reduces hiehgt by like 3-4 inches?
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if you have a grinder you can cut yer stock shifter
um no, not gangster the spoon knob screws on anyways
I just bought the skunk2 shifter for my crx but have not istalled it yet, I´ll let you know once its in how it performs
most short shifters dont actually lower the height of the shifter....its a common misconception, they shorten the shift by moving the 'ball' up on the shifter and changing the fulcrum ;)
DC sports = da bomb shorshifter, I love mine :)
i knwo the height isnt lower, but does the dc sport lower the shifter hieght?>
If you mean, does the shift knob sit lower than stock? Hell yes :)

The shifter itself is about 2 inches or so....... maybe a little more.
yes sir but my method works better hacksaw:D
B&M Short Shifter for the CRX - sits about 2" lower than stock. Summit Racing has them fairly cheap. I love mine. Very smooth feel when shifting gears. While you are doing that, you might want to buy the shift stabilizer kit (urethane pieces instead of rubber). Don't get the B&M one though, it is too expensive. The Prothene one works just fine and is about $30 cheaper......:cool:
i got my polyurethane shifter bushings...and hot damn, the shifts do feel a lil "crisper". When i actually select a gear, it kinda "click its" nice effect, i like
another B&M fan here..........the B&M SS is by far the most solid and sure shifting short/quick shifter that i have ever used....better than neuspeed, dc, pacesetter(big surprise here!) .......they are awesome, and on the least expensive end as well. and as for the shifter bushings.....they are a must have for a SS or stock shifter either way............
anyone heard any reviews of the skunk2 SS? i was thinking bout buying that w/in the next few weeks...
ive had both a c's short throw and a b&m and i do like the b&m a little better than the c's but the c's is a little cooler becouse of the ballbearings and all the small little shit that goes along with it all!
Short shifter = must have very good condition trans. That said, the skunk SS is very nice, a little too short for my preference, but I'm a big fan of stock with bushings, so what do I know.:)
Our Skunk2 Shorts shifters are great. Properly weighted and reduces throw by around 35% or so. Comes with ball bearings with low friction lube. If it works on our 10 second integra it will work for your car. Combine it with our 440g shift knob for a unbeatable combination.
PSIKOTICsi said:
if you have a grinder you can cut yer stock shifter
Jeazus, don't cut your shifter! Thats just bad advice. Just get a short throw shift kit, and bolt that in. I got one and my shifts are less than 3" long. Thats pretty good.
w/ the skunk2 short shifter, or any short shifter for that mater, does it give a more "direct" feeling?
i would hope so, but you know that some are better than others in everything out there.........of the ones that i have had/used i would say that they have, but that i prefer the B&M over the others......imo............
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