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Should I buy header or exhaust first?

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Should I buy header or exhaust first and if I were to just buy the header first would it add any HP with just the stock cat and exhaust along with the comptech icebox?
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I would say the exhaust first. Start from where the exhaust comes out and work your way up. Kind of like a tube of toothpaste.
I just think exhaust because with the header you will be trying to force even more air through the already restricting exhaust.
true, but either way unless you get both there is going to be a bottleneck somewhere, and iw as thinking header because it generally makes more power (assuming you arent a cheap ass and you actually buy a good product)
It seems like I've always heard that Integras make more power with headers than exhaust. The stock exhaust is supposedly at least reasonably efficient, but the header design is quite restrictive. Good headers I've heard are worth about 4-6 hp on a stock exhaust, while an exhaust w/the correct balance of back pressure/flow is only good for 2-4 hp on a slightly modded engine. If I were you I'd get a DC header, they seem to be the best without spending massive $$ for Spoon/Mugen, etc.
get the exhaust first

you might get turbo.............

As long as you get both eventually it doesn't matter what one you get first.
G2Integrity said:
As long as you get both eventually it doesn't matter what one you get first.
Now that is one thing that everyone will agree on.
Im just going to save up a little bit longer and get both.

I'm not all that mechanically inclined so i was wondering how much it would cost to install Headers and Exhaust and where i can get it done at.
LX98Civic said:
I would get a cat-back first.

More performance and you can see it :)
uhh, we just discussed this...headers make more you need to see pages of dyno graphs to prove this?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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