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Should I buy this S2000? Is it just me or is this an awesome price?

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Owned by a rich guy who used it as his summer fun car. He says hes always kept it garaged and well maintained. He would take 13,000 for it. Its AP1, 2001 so it is without alot of the bells and whistles, and has the plastic rear window.

Insurance would be around $550 every 6 months. Only thing holding me back is this would be my daily driver, and I live in Utah where we can get some pretty nasty snowstorms. I don't want to have the soft-top cave on me, or have the bottom rust out from the salted roads.

Not too worried about driving it, I can get nice snow tires on it and putz along, I only drive to work and school and can take less-traveled backroads to both.

So the question is this. Is it just me or is that an awesome price for this car? 40k miles on it! Its almost new! I see this as a possible financial investment, and even if I do buy it and something comes up, I am thinking I can flip it and get more out of it. What do you guys think?
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its a nice price for sure, if you saw the car and it's all good then why not :) and like you said even if you egt bored by the car or its not like you expected it to be you can flip it. i always have luck with stuff like that, i mostly buy something use it for months and make more money out of it. i would go for it if i was you.

greetings from Dominic
He is selling it for roughly 7000 under KBB buyer beware !!!!
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