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should i get the cp-10's or cp-8's?

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sup SH peoples!!...i need some info on these rims....i'm planning on getting one of these rims, either the cp8 or the cp10...i was wondering how much do they weigh and is it a good choice?....just list pro's and con's i guess....oh yea....i'm planning on getting 18 x 7.5 w/ 225/40/18 tires....thanks for the help guys/ladies! ONE
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i know they are both pretty light rims. I would go with the CP8 i just personally think they look much better. You might want to go with 215 series tires instead of 225 because that might be too wide if your car is lowered.
i like the cp8's better but i think i would go w/ whichever ones i could get cheaper because they are similar anyway.
I like the CP10s. But its your car dude. lates
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