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should i get these KONI's???

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girlsnmylude is selling his 8 month old neuspeed koni yellows to me and they have 10k - 12k miles on em'. what do u all think? we've made a deal on 330 shipped, and i just wanted to see what ur opinions on it are. will they last me another 40-50k miles? any other info would be apreciated... thanx!
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Thats not a bad price
id go for it. thats a good price and its not a big deal that the konis are used...they last quite a long time
that is rather a good price...Koni yellows are somewhere between $125-135 each...good stuff...i'll take it off his hands if u don't want it..
yeah that is a good deal. I have koni yellows and they are great.
i paid 450 for mine brand new like 15k miles ago and they still feel brand new. They are not riding like shat like some of the cheaper ones do. I recomend that you get them.
i'm gonna get em', thanx guys for all ur input!!!
Keep in mind that all Koni Yellows come with a lifetime warranty. So whenever it breaks down, just send it back.
i would just get dragon stickers instead yo
neuspeed koni yellows
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