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should i get these KONI's???

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girlsnmylude (fromt he prelude forum) i know from another forum ( selling his 8 month old neuspeed koni yellows to me and they have 10k - 12k miles on em'. what do u all think? we've made a deal on 330 shipped, and i just wanted to see what ur opinions on it are. will they last me another 40-50k miles? any other info would be apreciated... thanx!

p.s. - i trust the kid, so i don't gotta worry about getting ripped off!
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jump on any chance you have to get yellows for a good price. they should last you a while too.
yah... im definately gettin em'!!!
element h22 said:
yah... im definately gettin em'!!!
i like ur monkey :)
330shipped for all 4 shocks? id say its pretty good. also make sure you get the little white plastic knob thing so you can adjust the stiffness of the shock.
damn, thats a fucking steal......those shocks will last the life of your car pretty much......

girlsnmylude took so long to get those, why is he selling?
Yeah, go ahead and get them, 'cause they will last as long as you have your car basically. I don't think there are many daily drivers out there that have managed to wear out Yellows.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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