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should i or not...................

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my bro just gave me NOS dry shot..... he said i could have it no strings attached.......

should i put on my car while i am getting all the parts to build my turbo............ its gonna take me about 1.5 months or less to get all the things i need for my turbo...........

i was thinking a 50 shot just to get the feel of forced induction

(what would you do)

it comes w/ everything bottle warmer,gauge,10lb bottle,ect...........

thanks guys
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im a little skepticle to yes b/c im not sure what you know about Nos... its really important that you understand nos and not just hook up the kit and start shooting.. b4 turbo i used Nos and there is a lot to know about that type of forced induction... if you know what your doing then yes if not sure then dont b/c there is more to it then just retarding the timming and cold plugs and plug wires... good luck.. if you really want to go nos let me know and i can give you some pointers or check out the Nos forum... please make sure if you dont ask and you do decide to put it on you dont use Nos before 3k rpms.. and keep squeezing between shifts(no no) (dont do)... good luck..
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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