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I’m a new owner of 1995 Honda Civic DX AT non-VTEC with 50,000 original documented miles. I noticed what I believe is shuttering after driving the car for about 10 miles stop and go. The shuttering vibration is felt on the gas pedal and steering wheel (with no noise) and happens between 30-35mph as I am accelerating slowly 3rd-4th gear. I believe this so far to be torque converter ? Any thoughts ? Ruled out misfire after new spark plugs, new valve cover gasket, new timing belt package, new rear trailing arm bushings, but will need front axels or boots because boots need replacing, and rear tires are dry rotted. Transmission oil looks clean. Distributor and wires look good. Car sat for three years low miles non-op before I bought it. Any thoughts ? Thank you in advance for advice. Hector
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