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si arm rest in a dx

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would an si arm rest fit in a 99 civic dx cause my friend wants to sell me his but i dunno if its a easy job please reply soon.:confused:
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i have a 99dx, i took the armrest from another civic, it fit good the only problem was that in the back, botton of the armrest are 2 holes for screws to bolt it down, in my car there was nothing to screw it to.
so will it wobble or wil it be a firm fit?
it wil wooble. not as tight as i like it but it works for me. i mean you are going to rest your arm on it so the weight will keep it in place. I will do it, i wouldn't pay an arm and a leg for it, but i will do it.
I put an ex armrest in my 00 DX. You will need to fabricate a simple bracket to bolt the back down. I got the complete armrest and bracket for around $95HERE Check out the INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS to get an idea of what the bracket looks like.
well as long as it looks good i wouldnt mind the wobbling as long as no1 really notices it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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