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si in a hf?

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i have a 91 crx hf. i was wondering if it was worth swapping an si engine and tranny. also, how much rewiring and such extra work like that i would have to do. thanks in advance.
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depends on the person. No rewireing.
I would say that is well worth it... That's twice the horspower.... I mean, it's not a big deal since the Hf is so slow already, but it's alot more HP and I'll think you'll be happy.... and I would guess that an Si engine into the Hf is a rough equivelant of an SOHC VTEC into an Si... do it... it'll be cheap too....
It also depends on the condition of the engine, and how much you are planning on payin for one. Just my 2 cents.
Yep, no wiring mods. If you can find a good Si engine, do it. One thing to note though is the HF has weaker drive axles and different spindles than the DX or Si. Honda did this for weight savings. The cool thing is that you have the lighest of all 2nd generation production CRX's. I believe the car tipped the scales at just under 1900lbs. By the way, you will have to change the tranny is you want to use any of the performance of the Si engine. The HF is geared for fuel economy, more so than the DX tranny. Have fun!!:cool:
teh 91 isnt the lightest of the rexes but it is light the 88 hf is the lightest at 1819 lbs the 91 is 1967 lbs
I was close. LOL. I forgot about the seat belts in the doors.:cool:
how easy would it be to switch out the doors on my 89 for the 88s. I have harnesses coming... :)

so do I need the whole door (please NO)

or can I just rip out the interior door panels?
u will loose more weight buy getting 88 doors cause the seatbelts arent there and the beams arent there
that means i will have to cut my door caps off my current doors assuming I can find 88 doos in near perfect shape.
I think I will just have to stick to my doors with the seatbelts taken out.
thanks though
I was needing new doors for my 89 CRX, so looked into swapping out the doors of the 88 because they were lighter and I could save almost 50lbs. If I am not mistaken, they won't swap over. The 88's are different at the window frame close to the rear quarter glass. The 89's have those two large pins that catch the door there. I looked at one in a junkyard to see the difference and to take measurements. If anyone has done, this swap, I would like to know how they did. From what I could tell, it could not be done easily.:cool:
i dunno about the rex but with the hatch the door openings are the same size but where u said the 90-91 is diff u sure urs is a 89 and not a 90? thats my only guess
My 89 has those pins and also my 91...

looks like the bracket for those pins might be possible to remove, however this looks like it would effect the structural integrity.

anybody with experienceon this one?
what? the seatbelts in the door are lighter? Are you sure? i heard they are 50 heavier. Thats just what i heard tho.
my 88 dont have seat belts in the doors and they are feather light

The 88 doors with out the seatbelts built in are the lightest compare to the 89-91's that have the seatbelts built into the doors.

We are looking for any members that have switched out their doors or the inside panels to get rid of the seatbelts.
which model has them not built in to the doors? I have seen the 88 HF's have them built in the doors. So much for the HF's. it either must be the Dx's or Si's.
not sure about te DX but the Si's are not built in
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