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si lip 96-98

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hey i know we had a thread going for a while on this subject on the old board. but knowone got off there ass to try it just tryignt to start it up again! i know ghostrider was in on this thread (i beleive)
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what do you wanna know with this thread??
if anyone has fitted an si lip to a 96 to 98 civic :confused:
from what i've heard, the 99 SI's have a narrower bumper at the bottom.. so the lip would fit.. just have to cut it in half, and fit it on from each side and then fill in the middle space, or just leave it with a space if it looks good.. i was thinking of doin that, but went with diff setup..
They make a original factory lip for the 96 -98 civics. Honda optional equipment for those year cars and they come painted. I'm lookin for the type R lip for that year.
or you can just buy the lip from someone for around 100 and try it yourself.. i think you'll have to modify it either way.. just get the CTR one..
Yup, I was in on it, haha..
Here's that old pic you were talking about:

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I put an si Lip on my 97 civic. It doesn't work but with some modification I made it fit. The lip is about a half and inch shorter than the bumper on a 96-98 civic. I attached some small sheet metal pieces to the backside and then used liquid fiberglass (like bondo) to make the extra half inch on each side. It took hours of sanding to make it the same curves and what not of the real lip but it worked.

THEN, I realized they make a lip for the 96-98 civic that is not the civic type-r. The HONDA part # is 08F01S04100.

This one is tight work. I have it on my car now.

The picture ghostrider put up is the lip I'm speaking about. It is NOT a SI lip.
go to your local honda dealership and order it. Give them the part # I gave you. It was only $110.

I guess that site you went to lied, they don't have everything honda.

one thing, when I went to the dealership, I had them bring up a picture of it, the picture was of the Civic type r lip not the one in your picture. But when I ordered it, it was the one in your picture. Basically they screwed up thier manual.

Send me your email address and I'll send you a pic of my car like a year ago.

Or you can also order the civic type r lip which makes your car lower than the lip in your picture. I personally didn't want this cause then my front bumper would only be like an inch off the ground, not good for clearance.
hey ghostrider
sorry about the pics, I hate msn a lot. I used to be able to link from dezoris's site but its not up yet.
ya know i never actually noticed that ugly bump in our bumper. i was just comparin mine to a 99. that sucks.
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