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Si RIMS on my EX

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Well.. ive got a silver EX and i need to get new rims/tires. Right now i've got a 2-2.5 inch drop (adjustables) and its ridign on the honda 5 spoke slotted rims. Well... i got into an accident, and the rim needs to be replaced BUT they're discontinued. I have to go out and buy four new rims. GRRR. Well.. the Si rims look hot... and i like the look of 14-15's on a serious drop. The other rims i was looking at were the GSR rims. Any opinions?
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uh, yeah go for the Si or GSR rims, they look good imo, why not go for them? just get what you like, pretty easy.:)
I like the 14-15" rims with drops too. I got Del Sol SI Rims(looks like smaller version of 94-95 GSR's) on my EG. You can get a set for 200-250. Cheap, since no one else really kicks those rims.
yeah.. see that's the thing... i can get a set of Si rims for like 500 with rubber shipped to my door. If i were to go out and buy new 17's or something it'd be closer to a grand. To me its not worth it... and i was told that id most likely have to raise my car a little to avoid rubbing from the 205 tires. I even like the 14 inch 5 spokes that ive got now... if only honda handt decided to discontinue them.. id buy a brand new set!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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