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**SI Tailights For Sale/ Trade**

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These are new stock Si tailights, they are in perfect condition email me an offer, also I might trade my stock Si tails for your altezzas and some money. These Si tails will fit 96-2000 civics

*Altezzas because the buyer of my ride wants altezzas

Email me at [email protected]
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is that tails half clear half red? if so, I would like to buy it, how much do you want for it??
im in the process of buying a pair from another guy from sho. i recommend buying them if you have amber lights. makes a car look nice n keeps a clean look! but ya u are about a week late, otherwise id be interested!
125 shipped is the best I can do because these are in perfect condition.
What color is your car? I've got a pair of Black carbon altezzas for the 96-00 coupes. Let me know....

Car is Milano Red, the guy buying it wants the simple ones the older kind that were red on top w. reflectors and clear. Basically like the first gen ones
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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