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SICK Show & Go EG Hatch w/ Healthy GS-R swap (Tampa Fl.) Has Been in a few magazines

This is not my(Outkasted24) car, I'm just helping a buddy out, trying to sell this car
Please bump this post before you leave.
Thanks, -Jeff

Car is a 93 Civic Hatch CX, with 123k on the chassis.
Has a 95 GSR motor swap with roughly 60K on the motor.
Car has a completely custom paint job and the quality and craftsmanship in the paint job is truly amazing!

---Interior: Black and grey tweed EVERYWHERE from headliner, seats, name it, it's tweed!

---Sound system: 5.8" Kenwood touch screen TV (Headunit) with TV Tuner for local channels, VCR (This car is old school) and a Playstation in the glovebox,
Car has a serious system in it, first off it isn't the loudest system ever but it is a VERY quality sound, everything is Dynomated and NOTHING rattles! 6 Kicker Tweeters, 6 6" Kicker mids and 3 Fosgate 10" subs, all powered by 2 1200 watt amps.

---power windows with the "one touch" feature, and power door locks.

---Suspension: Car has GSR front brakes, Ground Control coilovers with (I think) Tokico shocks. Cross drilled and slotted front rotors. 16" Motegi MR7's.

--Has a nice loud car alarm witch will arm car, disarm car, start car, shut off car and will roll the windows up and down.

;) The car has many more features and many more pictures that aren't listed.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]

---Problems with the car are cracked front bumper, cracked paint on pass. fender, and a half a dime size chip on the pass mirror, also car needs 2 front tires, rear tires are fine. Anymore questions please feel free to ask.

Asking price is $12,000 OBO and trades (or trades and cash) ARE being accepted.

Cover pic and feature story in Makes and Models

Thanks for looking, and if any questions, more pics needed or offers, Please E-mail me at [email protected]


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