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SIGN IN Solers!

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hehe im copying you rflo.

ok here is tha down low for all you peeps that didnt go check out

write down the following in order:

color, year, model
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1994 Del Sol VTEC
Championship White
[email protected]
1995 del Sol VTEC
Isle Green Pearl
[email protected]
guess who? yep, its me :D

Derek Tapp
93 Sol Si
Spa Yellow Pearl
[email protected]
Bret(Del La Sol)
1993 Civic del Sol S
Captiva Blue Pearl
[email protected]

Supersonic Blue mixed with silver pearl
[email protected]
look who found his way back! ME!
Peter Phrasathane
93 S - Champ White w/ blue pearl
[email protected]
FLo checking in

Richard Flores aka rflores2323 aka Flo
93 Granada black pearl w/ rusted pearl mixed in & red pearl GHOST Flames Si
[email protected]

Team sol Member 275 (Jan02 Sol of the Month)

Ps.. I will make a master list of this list to keep on file so if SHo goes down.. we will have the contact list etc. NO spam.
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Ryan Phillips aka Sheep (formerly known as 93CivicEXCoupe)
1995 Milano Red Sol S w/ D16Z6
[email protected]
# 17
93 Del Sol SI
Captiva Blue
[email protected]
1993 Granada Black Pearl SI
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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