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Silencer on Exhaust

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i was wondering if putting a silencer on the exhaust affects the performance of a car in any way. Thanks
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i dont know for sure, but i think that a silencer would make the car slower becuz of restricting air flow but i went to the track and tried it once with silencers on and silencers off. well it turned out that without silencer i was faster. but i only did it once so dont take these results to serious
Yeah... it should make you a bit slower HP wise but i u wouldn't see or feel much of a difference
I think that i read somewhere that with the silencer in you get more midrange gains, and with it out, you get more of a top end gain. like i said, dont knoe if this is true or not.
i've seen the dyno sheets for cat backs with and without the silencer and it does cut power by 2 or 3 hp.
silencers fuck up the low range, backpressure is a killer... it feels mushy...
I custom made a silencer for the Greddy exhaust and I can definitely feel the power loss at the low to mid ranges. I've done this several times and I can feel a difference. It could just be the silencer I made, so I would wait for other people's opinions.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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