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Simple Question

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My heatshields are rattling, i took the heatshields off the centerpiece, that stopped the rattling for about 1 week, now the heatshields on my cat are rattling. Is it possible to take those off, i was told because of the extreme heat, its not possible to just take those off, and id have to replace them completely..
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You can take off all the heatshields on the car but you may notice some extra heat at the floor board by the console which is usually right above the cat. I have no heatshields at all on my car and it's been that way for like a year and a half. nothing bad has ever happened and there is no rattling at all.
Thanks, thats all i wanted to know.. Mec was probably bsing me so i would pay him to replace my cat heatshields.. Ill take em off tomorrow after school..
Thanks again
When you say you took off all your heatshields, did you take the top ones off as well, or just the bottom ones? i took the bottom ones off, doesnt rattle anymore, but i was told not to take off the top ones or it would heat up my floor like there was no tomorrow..
All means all to me...yes the top ones to and the floor bearly gets warm on even hot days don't be a puss.......take them all off. Weight savings of a few pounds when you add them all up.
but why? burnt grass is cool lol jk..
If it starts to rattle again they will all come off
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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