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Twin turbo most people think is only for 6 cyl and above which is not true
the FD Rotary in a RX-7 has a twin turbo motor but 2 different sizes on for lower rpm one for higher. also i the first Lotus esprit had a 4 cyl TT motor in it, which was later replaced by a v-8.

as far as which is better it depends on the application? a 4 cyl works better with a small to mid sized turbo for street and a big one for drag. 6 cyl and up will do one mid to large turbo for street or two small to mid. or a Huge single turbo for drag. mostly it depends on the budget of the person/Team.

So i'd say TT especially on a 4 cyl honda would be very expensive. it would have to be sequential like on the others i noted above one small and one bigger. and have huge testing done to make it right like Mazda and Lotus did
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