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So the thing is, I was always under the impression that single turbos were superior to TT. However, I have a friend who believes otherwise.

I've researched a little, and found that TT are only useful in "V shaped" engines, which certainly ARE NOT Hondas.

To argue my point, I cited such examples such as cars like Supras that come w/ TT, always UPGRADE to single turbos. Also that a car is only limited to the amound of boost the engine can take, not how much is available, and also from what I've heard that TT have more lag.

I don't have much beyond this to argue though, and this kid still thinks TT are better, and I'm not knowledgeable enough about FI, more specifically turbos, to argue the point any further, even though I'm almost certain single tubos are always better...

Someone please help me out on this.

BTW I'm also posting this in the Turbocharger section, but I thougt I'd post it in the del Sol forum as well since it's where I spend 99% of my time on SHO.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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