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Sippin B20

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I plan to get a b20 swap in the near future and was planning to go turbo. but after hearing about ex civics with 60 shot of juice being pretty quick I was wondering how much juice can I sip on with a stock b20, i guess i will upgrade the fuel system of course but with stock internals how much can it take, whats the most i can give it while still running reliably and whats a good kit. direct port sounds tempting too.
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Ive seen 75-100 with the right timing and fuel setup. That was a wet and it only ran on occasion....
direct port is your best bet. . . shit that thing will take a 100 shot direct port as long as you got enough fuel . sd got like 125 shot total on stock block 18c1, and has been running for like 2years now . . . and he sprays all lllllll the time
tight 100 shot direct port that may be my first big thing to do to my b20 when i get one, then if that's not enuff just up the juice or get boost. Yeah run both!:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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