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sir front end installation?

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in about a week or two, i'm having my b16 installed in the rex for about 2 grand, complete. the place i'm getting it done at, sells the sir front end for about $850...i live not too far from where is located, and they're selling the front end for like 7 bills. i'm not sure if they guy will be willing to work out a deal with me if i pay cash and buy the engine and front end from him, but what my question is, would it be possible to put the front end on with a few friends? if possible, how hard would it be? i'm in debt as it is, so that $150 i could be saving by getting it from hondamotorsonline would help a lot :(
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i would let the pros do it bacouse it is a little bit of a hassle to do the swap
are you referring to the engine or the front end? i already have the engine taken care of, i was just wondering about the front end conversion...
both becouse if they screw up they have to payfor it and they have all the hassle and heart ache with doing the work!!
Theres no reason a few people with little experience couldnt put that front end on, There's really nothing you can screw up! Everything that needs to be swapped out is very easy to take off/put on. The hood is only four bolts, the bumper is only like 9 bolts, fenders are 7bolts each(1 behind the corner light, 2 under the edge of the door, and four under the hood). The radiator support is 5 bolts(four top, one bottom). Not sure on the headlights but I know they arent hard to remove once the bumper is out of the way. The hardest part will be aligning all the panels, but that shouldnt take more than a half an hour. Shouldnt take more than 4 hours to install the whole thing.
IMO i think the hardest part would be when you install the fenders. double check and tripple check that when you open then passenger/driver door, that it doesn't rub against the fender.. headlights would be second just cuz you gotta aim them correctly.
i hate adjusting the headlights
what about the radiator support? That needs to be installed also.
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