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Hey everyone I am desperatly needing to sale this manifold. No job = no funds so I would like to get 115.00 for this thing shipped to anywhere in the United States, probably Canada, maybe Mexico, quite possibly Cuba, Germany yeah, France no, Russia pushing it, anywhere else we can probably work something out I need it GONE !

For the people that dont know me my name is chad if you have questions about this manifold you can call me at home and ask me or on my cell phone the numbers in order are 256.353.4321 or 256.227.6951. If that does'nt get it you can email me [email protected] , pm me here, or aim me uashybridtwo

Payment can be excepted through paypal at the above email, or we can do money order, or I am honest enough you can send me cash through the mail and you will get your part, anyway below are the pics need more just ask..

Thanks in advance.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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