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skunk 2 racing manifold

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yes or no? right now i have AEM CAI and a Greddy Evo, i can get a reallllly good eal on this, but i wanna know if i should go w/ it input is good..thanks guys~~!

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i hear unless your car is heavily modified it does basically nothing... also the gains are made at 7,000-10,000 rpm

the guys at my local shop told me that 8-11hp to the wheels..w/ basic bolt-ons that the manifold wilud give me.....

I got a type R manifold on my car- couldnt notice any gains..i think about 4whp is what ive heard. Its good for me now cause i got turbo. Id get it if you can get a good price, It will only help you later on when you mod your motor.
people lie or exageratte power gains all the time, local shops will say anything to sell a product... i've heard lots of people say tons of wheel horsepower, but on dyno runs most intake manifolds did next to nothing especially considering the price, other than turbo cars of course or very highly modified n/a
You didn't specify intake or exhaust manifold. My 2 cents, spend the dough on the exhaust manifold. That's more restrictive to your system now than your intake manifold. The manifold will lose power if you're no backing it with more than just a CAI and exhaust.
wouldn't it be cheaper to have your current manifold ported and polished? Could have them open it up more too like bore it kinda if thats what you call it.
Yeah but for that $ you might as well upgrade. Plus the plenum and runners are bigger/longer than stock, something you can't change.

I have a Skunk2 manifold with my setup because I'm running a chipped P-28 on a B18C1. Anyways the manifold helped me, I gained 10-12Hp / 10Tq untuned at 5.5psi. I think it's worth the $270 I paid for it.
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I´m running the manifold as well and it works great, you can feel the gain up top...people say you need to have it heavily moded but I put it in only when I had I/H/E and couldnt complain about it I have skunk2 cams, gears and skunk2 chipped ECU and it ROCKS!!!!!

well i've decided to go w/ it, for $100 i cna't beat that, im getting it installed either this sat, or this monday, so i'll let u know whats up whe ni get it in..thanks guys!!

yep skunk2 cams kick ass :D

The only bad thing about them is that a cop can hear your ass even if your 4 miles from him when your vtecking(that's not a joke BTW)

shifting at 9500 aint all that bad btw :D
I have the Skunk2 Manifold also, I like it and yeh to have any real gains, you need alot of mods, but its worth it for me heres a list of my mods.

B18c1 block bored .20 over
b16a head ported, polished, milled
arias 11.5:1 forged pistons
eagle h-beam rods
skunk 2 intake manifold
crower stage 3 cams
crower valvetrain
aem fuel rail
b&m fuel pressure regulator & guage
underdrive pulleys
short ram intake
dc 4-1 headers
hiyami exhaust with straight pipe (sounds like a v-8)
b16 tranny
act 6-puck clutch
short throw shifter
type r throttle body
type r injectors
MSD ditributor
crane external coil
crane hi-6 ignition
silver valve cover
motor isnt even broken in yet, it has 500 miles on it, no joke
NEX racing seat with simpson harnesses
apexi vafc
autometer guages and shiftlight
indiglo guages
lexan back window
rota slipstream wheels
hp coilovers
stock shocks

But i can only go to 9200 rpm :( aw man. pitty on me!
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Get stiffer dual valve springs and rev all you want.

I rev to 9500 and rev an occasional 10k .....

I have also miosshifted and rev to 12 once....

stock block buitl head....

thinking of getting itr rods an d pistons though........
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