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skunk coil overs... & KYB GR2's

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anyone have this kind of set up? if so how is your ride?
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I have Skunk2 and Koni. Setup is 400 front/500 rear. Rides just like it should IMO. The way Skunk wants it is higher rate on the front/lower rear. Unless you roadrace-go with the higher up front.
I got the Skunk2's and KYB AGX on my set-up ..... The ride is quite stiff..but it handles alot better than most cars i've riddin in with Kyb's and other springs and coil-overs.

But if you want that "softer" ride.....I'd go for some "Ractive" coil-overs.....I know they are cheap but damn it rides good.
I´ve got that setup.... KYB GR2's skunk2 400f/400r , I´ve only tried it at the race track and I´m very happy with the is very stiff but thats how its supposed to be since I made my crx a race car not a street car
I got talked out of buying them by a friend who has them. He said the ride is really rough. He recommended Eibach Pro Kit Springs instead. That's probably what I'm gonna go with, with Tokico Illuminas.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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