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skunk2 ?

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i have skunk2 cam gears on my b16...right now there set at +4 intake +2 this a good place for em or should they be moved...also does anybody else's idle move up and down as you adjust your fuel controller....i was told it wasn't supposed to...and what should the dip switch's be set to for 1st gen b16, i bought my fields unit used.....and what do ya think is the best place to set the fuel at, my car already runs really rich so i have it set to -3 from 1-8k rpms...also does anybody else have a ist gen ecu that only revs to 7700-7800k rpms...sorry for so many ?'s just trying to get this thing dialed in somewhat...thanks in advance
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there are 2 dynos in town, one dyno in town charges $75 for 3 runs, and the other is owned by a college here, and the only thing that runs on that one are the teachers stupid ass chevys
that's the only way to tell is by putting her on the dyno - every car is different and the the only way would be to tune it with the dyno results
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