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slick owners help!!

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so i finally got a pair of slicks, i went to the track last night. the problem is, after i placed the slicks on my car, i of course drove the car to the staging lanes. while waiting my brother noticed a small circular bump on the driver's side slick. it turned out to be a small pin. so we had to take it out and see if it punctured through the slick all the way. i poured water on it and there was small bubbles comming out indicating that it went through. i checked the tire pressure and it was the same. i NEVER got to run with it on because of the small punctured hole.

my question is, do i now HAVE to get another slick, is this slick "patchable" or is there ANYTHING i could do to it? or is it worthless piece of shlick???

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damn, sorry to hear about your slick... my brother just punctured his slick two weeks ago with a small nail... the tire shop would not repair the slick for the same reason they wont patch up a regular tire with a puncture in the sidewall... the slick only had two passes on it...

i was very curious to hear what brand and size slicks you went with...
i went with MH 23/7.5/15". a local car shop told me i could try to patch it up but they don't know if it'll work, i guess i'll take my chances and just constantly check the pressure?? this really sucks!
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