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slight bog on hard acceleration?

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When I'm accelerating hard, either from a stop or rolling, my car often pushes hard for a split second then bogs (doesn't push as hard) and and then works it's way back up. Doesn't anyone else experience this? Do I just need to get my valves adjusted or something else?
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I have the same prob. Don't know the answer though.
like a jerkin??
its called an automatic transmission
i know but is it jerkin??!
needfaspeedsi said:
its called an automatic transmission
Nope, ain't the case. My friend with a 5spd lude has the same problem and said it's kind of chronic with ludes. So it isn't the trans. He suggest the valve adjustment, but I was wondering if anyone else knew?

And no, mine doesn't jerk, just goes hard for a sec, then slows and slowlys builds back up.
it cant be much of a valve adjustment...maybe fuel related. valve adjustment wouldnt really cause that much..could be spark related...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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