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I have a D16A6 that i was building about 6 years ago

Honed the block out to .20 over
blue printed, being a honda really nothing needed done as far as that goes. but i did look up the select fit code on the block and crank for the select fit bearings and used those. everything plasigauged right at .0008-.001

I have SRP forged pistons mounted on stock rods (ran out of funds) all the rings have been file fitted to spec. the piston to cylinder wall clearence is .004 which is what srp recommended for using a power adder (was gonna run nitrous)

crank was shamfered and polished

I ported the head and ground the valves using the 3 angle method, i also installed new valve guides they just need reamed to spec and the valve seats need ground.

if anyone is interested make me an offer.

I am located in Eaton, OH

The engine is at my parents garage so i will try and get pics next time I'm over there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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