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Smog Check Time...

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Yup goin in today... we'll see if getting the JRSC was a wise choice... if not, then damn them to hell!!! (moss motors, not jackson racing)
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Failed the HydroCarbons at 15mph by 4!!! MAX was 90 and I GOT 94!!! I'm gonna retard the timing like a mother and see what happens.
well, im gonna change my o2 sensor and maybe that'll fix it.
If you failed the 15mph, then you shouldn't retard it. I was set at 8 degrees BTDC and I failed the 15mph too. So I turned it up to stock and passed it.

What was your timing set at according to the test? Depending on the people who test it, you can fail the visual test if your timing is not set to stock. I too failed that too.

I will go and look at my smog test when I get home to see how much I failed mines by and will get back to you. I'm almost certian that you should crank the timing up.
I was thinking the same thing, that you'd want to advance the timing
according to the test it says its at 10 degrees... i failed just the emissions part at 15mph... visual i passed. i had the timing checked before by a light and it was 15.5??? i have to question the place i did it at... these guys wouldnt know performance if it hit em on the head!

so you set it to stock timing and passed? let me know exactly. tomorrow i will replace the o2 sensor and probably adjust the timing a little bit.

also would it be a good idea to dump some octane boost in there?
WOW! 10 degrees? Well I think if you crank it up to stock at 16, you should pass. If you question what stock timing is, it should be labeled on one of the stickers on the inside of your hood. It should read somthing like Timing: 16 +/-2 BTDC.

I'll try to see if I can scan my smog scheck that I did back in Oct for you, if I can find it. I had the same problem. Failed the 15mph, but passed the 25mph (or was it 35mph) one.

And yeah, those guys at the smog check stations don't know a thing. But since they saw the JRSC sign on my blower, they asked to see CARB EO numbers for it. Then from there they also asked for the CARB EO numbers for the intake too. It all depends on the place your doing it at. Some places they can pass you and other places they can be a bitch and nail you for anything that doesn't have a CARB EO number or if its not stock.
so set my timing at 16 degrees??? does it pass at 25mph also?
cool deal... im gonna do that and if i dont pass, you're sending me some cash punk! :p j/k... i wanna run it with advanced timing anyways... more power as long as no knocking...

Okay here it is. I couldn't get a scan of the original becasue I don't have my scanner handy right now but this is my before and after of the smog test.

The first half is of me failing the 15mph test with my timing set at 8 degrees BTDC. The second or bottom half is the new test with my timing set at the stock 16 degrees BTDC.

The blue color is the max that I can have and the yellow is what I tested at!
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wow, you passed with flying colors!

i went and checked my O2 sensor... FRIED!!! Looks like it was soaked in coolant at one point.:confused:

now i am getting that replace ($200 for the sensor, F*CK ME!!!)

And now my crazy mods will have to wait... GOD DAMN SMOG NAZI's!!! My catalytic converter was like nearly $200 a while back, also! Freakin bad enough that they gotta harrass us... they also need to gouge us on the price of smog legal replacement parts. No guages, no MAP sensor, no Hondata... but i do get a nifty lil O2 sensor! WOW!!!

Oh well, maybe my fried O2 sensor was contributing to my "lack of power" problem... If this fixes that, too then I guess i can be happy...
well, i passed... but only after $200 for the o2 sensor and another hundred to adjust timing, labor for installing the o2 sensor, and for another smog check.

i didnt pass by much though... exactly 90 for the 15mph... i trust these guys, but i have to question whether or not he did set the timing to 16...

but whatever, im broke and i have another 2 years before i have to worry about this crap again... whoop-ti-doo!:rolleyes:
All that matters is that you PASSED! I'm actually thinking of upgrading my boost until the next check!
yeah i passed, but i am mad. I WAS gonna get myself a few goodies with the $300 it cost me...

Oh well, wrote a letter to Moss Motors expressing my dissatisfaction. I really wanted a turbo, but got this mainly cuz of the CARB #. I coulda passed with a turbo for less! (if you know what i mean)

well, I'll see what happens... my "love" for the JRSC has decreased SEVERELY! Lets see if they feel they need to give me free stuff... if they do I might be less mad.

I need to go talk to Oscar or someone at Jackson Racing and inform them of how Moss Motors is defacing their good name. I know a lot of people who have been dissatisfied with these superchargers.
I still have about 2 years and 2 months before I'll need a smog check.
I thought it was 4 here in CO? Hrmph, guess we'll find out when the plate registration form corms in the mail.
Well I asked the smog technition at the station about the Honda cars with ULEV and stuff and he said that they still had to be smogged.

Its just that new cars can stay free for their first 5 years then it'll turn into every 2 years after that.
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