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Hello everyone,
I bought a 1993 Del Sol S with a blown head gasket fixed that and replaced the cheap intake with an AEM so that it would pass smog regulations in SOCAL. It was already registered in California and had stickers until June. I took it to a test only center. The test results are bad. :cry
HC (PPM): MAX=71/41 MEAS:163/168
CO (%): MAX=0.39 MEAS:0.81
NO (PPM): MAX=720/774 MEAS:2721/2735
:fear I have VERY little money to spend and I had an inspection estimate of $90.00 which wouldn't repair anything, just tell me what is wrong and they said they couldn't grantee that the 1st repair would make it pass the smog test. They informed me that I might have to spend near $900.00 to make it pass. I was wondering if anyone else had similar problems or knew what I needed to do in order to have this pass? :confused ANY help would be wonderful!
Thank You!
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