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captain246 said:
Alright when I start my car(1990 accord ex) up after sitting over night it will smoke(white smoke) from the exhaust for about a minute or so. I had the head redone after the timing belt broke about a year ago and this problem started right after that. I use a quart of oil about every 500 miles or so. Is this because my valves are not seatting properly or is it because the lower half of my engine is older then the top half. ie the top has more pressure then the bottom and oil is blowing by the rings. This is what the dealer is saying and won't take any ownership to the problem. My car has 152,000 now but 125,000 when the this all started. Any help would be great.
dude i would just drop a h22a engine in there and forget about your current engine. I hate to say this but your engine is about to die. My accord with the orginal engine has 223k+ miles with original engine and uses only 1 qt per 2,000 miles. i would not invest more money into that engine its not worth it. if you do get it rebuilt, which will run you about $1500 but it will run like new for the life of the car. Sounds like your problem is the head gasket. white smoke means the gasket is worn. blue smoke = bad piston rings. your oil consumption is pretty bad as well. just keep adding oil until you can get the swap done. good luck
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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