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Alright guys, i've got 2 integras I need to get rid of.
90 Automatic Shell, crashed front end. It's got B16 w/93 LS manual tranny.

93 Automatic Shell GS, no engine. I don't have 93 front or rear bumpers or ECU.

If someone wants this stuff as is and will get these cars out of my backyard, $600 and they're yours, otherwise I'm parting out and will have pics up soon.

The main things of interest would be:

GSR Cluster - $120 firm
B16w/ GSR cams and JG edelbrock IM, no EM. Brand new Distributor on it from Distributor King - $300
93 LS Manual Tranny No grinds. - $300
OBD1 engine harness, this is the one that plugs from the driver side, no injectors - $80
OBD0 automatic PR3 reprogrammed for VTEC fuel maps, no rev limiter - $100
GSR fat fives, tires are bald, rims in good condition, few scratches on the lip - $300
The 93GS doors are shaved, professional no waves in them at all, power windows and locks, interior paneling is black, door is yellow - ((make offer))
B16 IM No throttle body - $30
Interior parts too - various prices
Misc. Parts include - AC Pump, PS brackets, pumps whatnot.

All prices are pretty much negotiable, excluding the cluster, that was my baby and I'd sell it for a thousand if I could.

Unless you're a SERIOUS BUYER!!!!!!! don't muck up my thread with you BS on my prices or anything else.

I work M-F 8-5 so the weekend would be best to get things done as most of the stuff is still on the car. Last thing is I can't get rid of any suspension parts as of right now, I'll post it when the time comes.

For quicker responses e-mail me at [email protected].
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