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Ok, I'm not an instigator when it comes to street racing. My car is pretty much stock except for rims. I don't listen to deep base music. And I don't look like someone looking for trouble. But I seem to get an unusual amount of people trying to get me to race them. I got it a LOT more in my old black S2, and people have tried on an ocasion or three in my new one which I've owned for about 6 months. And the cars they bring up next to me aren't the cars I'd like to race like a Z4, Boxter, 350Z, RX8, you know, cars in my class. These are usually punked out civics, accords, del-sols, Ford probs or even WORSE: Hyunday Tibourons, and even the dreaded Hyunday Accent!!! :lol2 These cars have poor excuses of body kits (sometimes), often with peeling paint or cracks, burnt out headlights, ricy fart-can exhausts, a tacky racing wing that juts up from behind by 12 inches, and last but not least: the punk sitting slumped down so that you can only see the top of his head above the door. (no offence to anyone here who drives like that) ;)

The reason I ask, is because it seems to be hapening to me alot. I think it's stupid and often don't bother, but sometimes like about 30 min ago on my way home from work I had to show a punk in an older generation Hyunday Tibouron to keep his ego where it belonged: IN THE WAKE OF MY EXHAUST! :bash

Now, granted that on the VERY rare ocasion I'll have someone in something I know a significant amount of money was put into try to get me to race, but I know where to draw the line, not to mention that I think street racing is kinda stupid to begin with (even though I have done it a couple times, and think it's fun) Other than that, I might have some dude in a Vette or 'roided Comaro try to show off his stuff. Most of the time I'll let them vent and fume, while I just keep drivng normally. But as I've said above, on the rare ocasion someone's head is WAY too big, I'll drop into 2nd or 3rd and gun it.

Do any of you guys run into the same thing?
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